SBP Capacity

About the Project

Full Title: Capacity Building Project

Goal of the project:

Capacity Building Project, realized within the South Baltic Programme, was launched to help potential beneficiaries of the Programme in the preparation and implementation of cross-border projects.

The aim of the Capacity Building Project was to support participation in the South Baltic Programme, particularly among local authorities and NGOs who constitute the target group of the Project.

The project offered the following free-of-charge services:

  • Training on project development– trainings in national languages introduced the participants to a variety of tools and methods used to identify, develop and manage projects; the participants learned how to generate project ideas, identify partners, plan and prepare projects, estimate costs etc;
  • Cross-border workshops– the workshops were addressed to beneficiaries who had already identified concrete ideas for development of projects within the SB Programme; participation in the workshops prepared beneficiaries for concrete cooperation in joint projects
  • Individual project consultations– potential beneficiaries could receive free-of-charge consultations on project development


Start of the project: 2010-03-01, end of the project: 2011-11-30

Contact persons for POMCERT: dr inż. Andrzej Tonderski, mgr Aleksandra Korczyńska

More information can be received from Renata Smagacka.